How to find and remove duplicate files on Windows

How to find and remove duplicate files on Windows

A lot of PC users can attest to the fact that duplicate files often exists on their computer’s hard drive. Hard drives don’t cost a fortune these days (SSDs are quite pricey though), but it’s still necessary to do away with junk files – much more if they are duplicates.

Duplicate files can consume a lot of valuable space that could otherwise be used for other purposes. Finding and removing these files need not be a daunting task as there are a lot of programs that can do the job for you – and for free.

Here are 2 apps that have proven to be good at the job of finding and removing duplicate files:

#1 Digital Volcano’s Duplicate Cleaner Free

This software has a user-friendly interface with plenty of features. You can choose to scan for duplicate files based on their filename, content or date. A paid version of the software is also available.

How to use Duplicate Cleaner:

#1 Download and install Duplicate Cleaner.

#2 Launch the software and set your preference in the Search Criteria tab.

Duplicate Cleaner

#3 Click on the Scan Location tab and select the folders you will like it to scan.

#4 When you are done, click on Scan Now to begin scanning.

#5 After the scan is completed, you will be shown all your duplicate files. Go to the Duplicate Files tab and click the Selection Assistant button (Selection Assistant Button). Select Mark > Select by Group > All but one file in each group.

#6 After the files have been selected, click on the File removal button and delete them.


#2 Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder has been around for a long time and does a pretty good job. This app uses a rather different approach to find and remove duplicate files. It sorts files by size and compares them to find out if they are duplicates. It is simple and really fast because it only has to find files of the same size.

How to use Duplicate Files Finder:

#1 Download and install Duplicate Files Finder on your PC.

#2 After launching the software, select the folders that you want to search for duplicate files.


#3 Hit the add button and click Go!

#4 If any duplicate file is found, the path to the folder will be displayed. Select the file(s) you want to delete, right-click and select Delete.


There are still a lot of programs out there for finding and removing duplicate files on Windows, but either of the programs listed here should do the job for you.


If you have any queries or use any other programs to find and remove duplicate files from your computer, please share in the comments section below.


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