How to hide status bar and navigation bar in Android Screenshot

Screenshot Cleaner

Screenshots are helpful in a lot of ways – for illustrations, capturing something you can’t save or if you are a developer, you need screenshots to show your app’s features on Google Play Store.

Having a status bar in your screenshot looks a bit messy especially if you have a lot of icons showing. And if you are a developer, you don’t want to put a messy picture on Play Store.

Here’s how to get rid of your status bar

Screenshot Cleaner is an app that allows you to hide your status bar and navigation bar in android screenshot. It’s really simple to use.

How it works

  • Download it from Play Store or using this link – Screenshot Cleaner.
  • Open it and it will automatically scan images from your default screenshot folder. You can set it to scan images from a different folder by clicking on the icon at the top right. Select Preferences > Screenshot folder and specify your preferred directory.


  • Click on the screenshot and use the StatusBar slider to hide part or the whole status bar with a black rectangle.


  • You can also choose to hide the status bar in all your screenshots by clicking Apply to all.

If you have observed, in the Preferences screen, there is option to change status bar to a community generated PNG. This feature is not working but the developer says he’s working on it and will be included in future releases. But you can use your custom PNG (Very handy for TouchWizz, Sense and other OEM skins) where a black rectangle is not enough. Just click on the Custom StatusBar option and upload your image. Don’t forget that it must be in PNG format.

To remove navigation bar, just check the box beside Remove Navigation Bar.


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