How to convert multiple images into one PDF file on Android

Image to PDF converter

So you took pictures of a friend’s note using your phone but you’re finding it a bit tasking going through the series of images to read the note or you probably want to send the images to someone and you’re wondering if it’s possible to convert the images into one pdf file.

Well, yes it’s possible to convert the images into a single pdf file using an Image to Pdf Converter.

Here’s how to do that

Head over to Play Store and install an app called Image to PDF Converter. Here’s an image of the app’s icon just so you know the one I want you to install as there are some other apps with the same name.

Image to PDF Converter icon

Open the app and you will see a blank white screen with a toolbar at the top.

Tap the plus icon to add images you want to convert.

Image to PDF Converter1

Click on the folder containing your desired images. Tap on the images to select them or use the selection button at the top-right corner.

Image to PDF Converter2

After selecting them, click on the check mark icon at the top-right corner.

Image to PDF Converter3

You can reorder the images by tapping the icon beside each image, then drag and drop the image where you want it to be placed.

Image to PDF Converter4

You can also use the sort dialog box at the top-left corner to reorder the images by name or time.

After re-ordering, tap the Pdf icon on the toolbar.

You can set specific maximum width and height for the images.

Image to PDF Converter5

Click on the “Save PDF” button to save the PDF file.

After it is saved, you’ll be redirected to a screen with options to open the file or send it by email or any other application.

Image to PDF Converter6


This a great and easy way to convert multiple images into one PDF file on Android. The only problem I have with the app is that the images are rotated in the generated PDF file.

Ukeme likes to keep things simple and believes that tech doesn’t really have to be complicated. She is also a web designer and loves to learn new things.

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