How to unglue yourself from Facebook

unglue yourself from facebook

I graduated from the University late last year and had a lot of free time. Normally I’m not a social media person – I go on Facebook occassionally to check notifications and feed my eyes (if you know what I mean) and also Twitter once in a while to check one or two things and I don’t even have an Instagram account.

But all of a sudden, because I was less engaged, I started going on Facebook often. I would go there and read posts and some of the comments, then I would scroll, stop to check pictures or videos, then scroll again, read, check pictures and keep scrolling and scrolling (and Facebook so helps you to waste your time with its infinite scrolling) until I’ve spent like 30 minutes or close to an hour without realizing.

This became like a regular thing and I wasn’t cool with it because I don’t like addictions. Most especially those that are distracting, consume time and are bad. I noticed I was becoming a bit addicted to Facebook and I had to look for a solution.

I couldn’t totally stay away from Facebook because it had its good sides – whenever I write a post on my blog, I like to put it on Facebook (although, I can do this without being on Facebook) and follow it up. That’s one of the things i needed it for.

After a while, I came up with the decision to delete the Facebook app from my phone and only use the web version (mobile site) whenever I need to be on Facebook. It was a bit difficult to do but I just had to do it and I DID IT.

So that’s how I unglued myself from Facebook. I no longer receive notifications (except through email and it’s not often) that would prompt me to go on Facebook and waste my time. I now go on Facebook once in a while or when it’s necessary using the web version. Besides, I’m a bit more engaged than I was at the time I graduated, so I don’t have plenty of free time as I did before – but I’ll still stick to the web version until I feel the need to install the Facebook app again.

Now over to you, your “distracting app” may not be Facebook. It could be Twitter, Instagram or some other app? What experiences have you had and what measures have you taken to “unglue” yourself?

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