How to send large video files (up to 1GB) on Whatsapp without losing quality


As you may know, the world’s most popular messaging service -Whatsapp, has some limitations. One of them is the limitation on the size of video you can send.

With WhatsTools, you can say bye bye to the 16MB limitation on sending videos via Whatsapp. Yeah, no rooting required – all you need is Android version 4.1 or higher and a Google account.

Lets get started

STEP 1: Install WhatsTools from Play Store or download it from this link – WhatsTools App.

STEP 2: Open it and click on GET STARTED after the fifth swipe.

Get Started- WhatsTools

STEP 3: Select TURN ON at the bottom of the screen, and click Ok, Continue on the next screen.

Turn on - WhatsTools

STEP 4: On the Accessibility Settings window, select WhatsTools Service and turn it on.


STEP 5: You will be required to connect the app with Google Drive. So, select Click Here to Sign In.

Connect WhatsTools with Google Drive

STEP 6: To send a video, click on the + icon and select Video. All the videos on your smartphone will be shown. Click on the video you want to send.

STEP 7: Click the Share button and a unique download link will be generated.

STEP 8: Select Whatsapp on the next menu.

STEP 9: Select the Whatsapp contact you want to send the file to and click Send. A unique download link will be sent to your recipient once the file is successfully uploaded.

So that is how you can send video files as large as 1GB – without losing quality, on Whatsapp.


Note:  You can also send use WhatsTools to send Pdf and Doc files on Whatsapp as well as to send large files on facebook messenger, gmail and other apps.


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Ukeme likes to keep things simple and believes that tech doesn’t really have to be complicated. She is also a web designer and loves to learn new things.


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